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Area maps



The cabin is located along the Rocky Mountain front range in northwestern Wyoming (see left). Wyoming is nicknamed the equality state, but there is nothing equal about the Rocky Mountains.

The Wyoming Rockies provide some of the greatest scenery in the continental United States. In addition, Wyoming is one of the last undeveloped frontiers of the wild west.

Below is a local area map. The cabin is accessed from Highway 14/16/20 between Cody and Yellowstone Park. Doc's Cabin is ideally located to both experience the grandeur and solitude of the Rockies from your doorstep and day trip to Yellowstone Park or Buffalo Bill's home town, Cody, Wyoming. To view some of the cabin pictures, take the Virtual Tour!. To see some scenery, just click on the cabin area on either of the two maps (or here) and see the grand splendor of Doc's Cabin area!